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How was RSVPI started in China
While Mr. Chang Soo was doing RSVP voluntary work in Singapore since early 2000, he felt that there was a greater need for RSVP work in China. The challenges would be much greater and it would need a lot of pioneering work and spirit to start with. Thus, Mr. Chang Soo and Prof. Jack Steele of RSVP International (RSVPI) of University of Maryland, Washington DC, made an exploratory visit to China in 2006 which was very well received. Later, Prof. Jack Steele appointed Mr. Chang Soo, the President and CEO of RSVPI for China Operation. Mr. Chang started the RSVPI work in China since 2005.

   RSVPI China Center (RCC)
     RSVPI  China Center ( RCC ) is incorporated in Singapore in 2007. It is a social enterprise with the intention of helping others to help themselves, irrespective of age, sex, race or religion. It is also a non-profit making company.
     Some prominent people have stepped forward to serve RSVPI China Center willing to make a little contribution to society without any expectation in return.
           International Council of Advisors:
     1.   Mr. Chang Soo               -     Chairman & CEO (Singapore)
           Founder President & CEO of RCC.
           UN Fellow in Advanced Economics and Social Policies study in Geneva. 
     2.   Prof. Zhou Airuo            -    Advisor (China)
           Professor of a top university in Heilongjiang Province. Is an author and influential writer.
           Retired Vice Dean of famous Lu Xun Institute for Writers in Beijing.
           Retired Veteran Cadre.
     3.   Prof. Zeng Junwei           -    Advisor (China)
           Retired Law Professor of Tsinghua University.
           A very senior official of CCPIT. Also an author.
           Now an International Arbitrator in International Arbitration Commission of China.
           Retired Veteran Cadre.
     4.   Prof. Shi Zai                  -     Advisor (China)
           A high official in the media world in Zhejiang & 2 other provinces in China.
               Is an author and published several books. Retired Veteran Cadre. 
     5.   Prof. Wu Junyan            -     Advisor (China)
           A top trade negotiator who had travelled widely throughout the world.
           Retired Veteran Cadre.        
     6.   Dr. Li Jing                     -     Advisor (China)
           She teaches law at an university in Beijing.
           Has keen interest in Chinese Classic Literature and Calligraphy.
     7.   Dr. Liu Zongqian           -     Advisor (China)
           An influential provincial leader in Shandong Province. Also Dean of a medical institution.
     8.   Prof. Li Zhaoli             -        Advisor (China)
           A very senior official of China Council for Promotion of International Trade. 
           Former Managing Director, Economic & Technical Consultants Group Corp. of CCPIT.
           Retired Veteran Cadre.
     9.   Prof. Huang Shi           -     Advisor (China)
           Former Member of Beijing Political Consultative Committee
           Was Vice President, General-Secretary & Chief Editor of China Xu Xia Ke Research Society -- a national literary body.
           Author and influential writer. Now Consultant to the above mentioned.
           Retired Veteran Cadre.
     10. Prof. Lin Guozhi           -    Advisor (China)
           Former Senior Editor of China National Minority Publications.
           Now Consultant to China Xu Xia Ke Research Society.
           Retired Veteran Cadre.
     11. Mr. Xing Jing                -    Advisor (China)
           Chairman and CEO of a few companies including investment and general business. 
           Recent years, he ventured into performing arts and became a creative Producer-Director of cultural shows and business entertainment. 
           Is concerned about needy in society. Known to Chairman Chang Soo for 25+ years.
     12. Mr. Liu Guang            
-    Advisor (China)
           A lawyer plays many roles including a dedicated volunteer as General Secretary of RSVPI China Center based in Beijing.
           He has contributed to the development and progress of RCC for about 10 years.Won RSVPI Gold Award 2013.
     13. Ms An Li                        -    Advisor (China)
           Won 2 RSVPI Gold Award 2013. Founder President of JJVA in Jiujiang 10 years ago to do volunteer work. Has 700 members. 
           Done 600 events to help needy. Won a few more government awards. Now Asst. General Secretary, RSVPI China Center. 
           Since 2014, helping Jiujiang government to form 16 additional associations to serve different needy groups under her guidance.

     14.  Mr. Huang Zhilun      -    Advisor (Singapore)
            An IT Specialist in Singapore. Been a Webmaster for RSVPI China Center for some years. 
            Is a competent and dependable bi-lingual translator (English-Chinese) and an intelligent counsellor. 
           Also won a RSVPI Gold Award 2013.
     15.  Prof. Jack Steele            -    Advisor  (USA)
            Director of International Development, RSVPI. Professor in University of Maryland.
            UN Consultant on elderly people.
     16.  Prof. Dr. Laura Wilson   -    Advisor (USA)
           World President of RSVPI in 6 continents. Chair and Professor in University of Maryland.  
           UN Consultant on elderly people.

         Honorary Legal Advisors:
          Mr. James Zeng   
              Partner of KING & WOOD
          PRC LAWYERS
          ( Has Offices in 8 major cities in China and 3 overseas. )
We are committed with passion, patience and perseverance to serve and do good with responsibility for the benefit of the needy in China. But our funds and resources are very limited. Hopefully, more charitable people, companies or Foundations will work with us to maintain our project sustainability.
We thank RSVPI of USA for their support and the many volunteers who help us do secretarial and co-ordination work in China and Singapore.

RSVPI China Center
Founder President & CEO of RCC
Officially appointed by RSVPI in USA
Received tertiary education in Singapore, UK and Switzerland 
UN Fellowship Award in Advanced Economics and Social Policies, Geneva
Fellow, Institute of Management Consultants
Chairman and Chief Consultant AGS Management Consultants Pte Ltd, Singapore
Founder and Hon. Chairman of RSVPI Society, Guilin, China
Assignment on request, University of Maryland, Washington DC, USA
10 years experience in RSVPI work in Singapore
Life Member, Singapore Association of Social Workers
Consultant to Zhejiang Xu Xia Ke Research Society, China