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The first RSVPI Society was established in Guilin, China in March, 2006. The advisors were RSVPI of USA and RSVP Singapore. Group exchanged visits were done between Singapore and Guilin. Members said their visits were enjoyable, enriching and beneficial. Exchanged visits could become an enjoyable long term program. 

In Dec 2006, Mr. Chang Soo was invited by Guangxi Normal University to give a talk to the students and academic staff about doing volunteer work to help the needy in China. It was very well received.

In Oct 2007, the Lao Shan community has invited RSVPI to join them in celebrating their special Chinese Festival.

RSVPI has established relationship with a community group in west Beijing with a view to working together to serve the needy people there. Since early 2007, we contacted each other often to discuss matters of common interest. Mr. Chang Soo has personally donated two sets of new computers for their training and use by the Lao Shan people. In appreciation, they presented a gift of Chinese calligraphy to RSVPI.

Three Professors from RSVPI in USA made a goodwill visit to Lao Shan community in Beijing in April 2008. Lao Shan Community Representatives warmly welcomed them.

RSVPI in China has helped the School of Public Health, University of Maryland, Washington DC, USA to sign three separate Collaborative Agreements in China with Peking University, Tianjin Medical University and Guilin Healthcare School in April, 2008. A follow up program would be done. 

In 2009, Prof. Zhou Airuo has presented a Chinese calligraphy entitled " Happy Ageing" to Qingdao, China. They expressed much appreciation.
Prof. Jack Steele of RSVPI of USA has confirmed that the prestigious University of Maryland in Washington D.C. is the World Secretariate of RSVPI operating in more than 30 countries in 6 continents.

More to come...