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Our Motto 
Care + Share + Serve
1. Caring needy people and those in distressed is a privileged.
2. Sharing our knowledge, skills and experiences to benefit others is a joy.
3. Serving other people in needs contributes to meaningful service to the community. RSVPI salutes them.

RSVPI for Senior Volunteers Who Care, Share and Serve In China

 ( RSVPI is Retired & Senior Volunteer Program International ) 

This Chinese Calligraphy is written by Prof. Zhou Airuo, one of the International Council of Advisors in Beijing.
It means "Happy Ageing" with good wishes from RSVPI of USA and the International Council of Advisors in China.

The text of this Website is contributed by Mr. Chang Soo, Chairman & CEO of RSVPI China Center, Singapore. 
He is also the Chief Consultant of AGS Management Consultants Pte Ltd, Singapore and a Dedicated Senior Volunteer.

 The design, development, bilingual translation (English-Chinese) and management of this Website is done by
Mr. Alan Huang Zhiluna Singapore Engineer.

Contributions made by the Younger Generation are well appreciated. 
From left: Alan Huang Zhilun, Jocelyn Ruan, Janet Chang, Chang Soo, Yin Mengshuang and Liu Xiaozhou. 
We are proud to have the younger generation to work with us.