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Mission & Objectives of RSVPI
RSVP means Retired & Senior Volunteer Program as defined in USA.   RSVPI is RSVP International.
To offer an opportunity for willing and able seniors aged 50 years and above to provide a community service to those in need through volunteerism for meaningful and enjoyable living.
To find ways to support the disadvantaged, the distressed and the forgotten in the community.
To develop a culture of volunteer service to help others to help themselves.
To seek opportunity to work in partnership with like-minded people to serve the well-being of the needy.
To find suitable programs having multiplying effect with good impact. 
To create and innovate practices suitable to the changing needs of the society.
To collaborate with other organizations to find more practical ways towards problem-solving in a fast ageing society.
To promote and market the social program of RSVPI with social responsibility. It is dedicated to the welfare of the Elderly and Seniors to have some meaningful and enjoyable work serving the needy through volunteerism as they gracefully aged.