RSVPI China Center (RCC)
This is RSVPI - China 

We are a small group of non-government dedicated volunteers who would like to do good well in caring, sharing and serving the needy in the community. 
The concept and practice originated from RSVPI (HQ), University of Maryland, USA. 
It is a world organisation with UN consultative status covering 30+ countries in 6 continents.
We also work with like-minded dedicated younger generation people to get things done. Details are found in subsequent pages of this website.


After several years, we held a Summit Meeting at Huwan Hotel, a grand hot-spring resort in Beijing on October 28, 2013.
Liu Guang, General Secretary of RCC, organised the group to stay overnight at the hotel with hot spring in every room -- a real treat. 
Professor Zeng Junwei, Vice Chairman and International Advisor, said we made very good progress and achievements
and the Summit Meeting was a great success. The group fully agreed.

After the meeting, all of us happily put on the JJVA uniform from Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, 
and took a memorable photo. It was really a proud and joyful moment.
From left -- Prof. Lin Guozhi, Prof. Huang Shi, Prof. Shi Zai, Prof. Wu Junyan, Mrs Janet Chang, Chang Soo, 
Prof. Zeng Junwei, Prof. Zhou Airou, Zheng Xinchuan, Cao Defa, Ms An Li, Liu Guang

From left -- Chang Soo, Prof. Li Zhaoli, Prof. Zeng Junwei, Liu Guang
Prof. Li missed our meeting due to hospitalisation. He is well now. Have good health.


A Summit Meeting was held in Beijing at a grand hot-spring resort hotel organised and financed mainly by Liu Guang on Oct. 28, 2013. 
Much appreciated for a job well done.
Professors from RSVPI (HQ), University of Maryland, USA sent their greetings and good wishes for a successful meeting.
Prof. Zeng Junwei commented that we had made wonderful achievements and the meeting was a great success. 
Highlight was a group photo of twelve taken with everyone happily wearing JJVA uniform from Jiujiang. It was really a proud and joyful moment.
After the meeting, my wife and I left for Jiujiang for a few days in spite of us having cold. 
It was a good follow-up investigation which I think would bear fruit in due course to pursue the goat project. 
Beijing and Jiujiang could have meaningful joint project with social impact benefiting the community there.
Meanwhile, I am working on some guidelines for the JJVA to consider strengthening the organisation for greater contributions to the community.

Four persons won Awards for the wonderful work done.

1) Ms An Li 
President of JJVA since 2006. She won two RSVPI Gold Award 2013.
The first Gold was for her Outstanding Leadership and Contributions to the needy in Jiujiang
since 2006 with 700 members and organised 600 help events to benefit the needy there.
The second Gold was in recognition of her Vision and Ability to educate, train and inspire 180 college and university students to 
slowly take over some work and responsibility of the second generation leaders in Jiujiang to do good well in society.
The first generation of Seniors or Elders in Beijing would do well in thinking and planning work
in collaboration with like-minded people or groups. Creativity and innovation could also apply to
work with social content in approaches and programing.

2) Cao Defa
He initiated an Online Counselling Project by using Chinese QQ method to chat and counsel especially the youth group (aged 20-30) who suffered pain or distressed either at home, at work or among friends. He managed to counsel about 100 people throughout China during the last 8 months and brought some relief, comfort, joy and hope to them. He won a RSVPI Gold Award 2013.

3) Huang Zhilun
He is a dedicated young generation helping Chang Soo, Chairman of RSVPI China Center
to design and develop an important Website with many changes and frequent up-dates over a number of years. 
It was a bi-lingual demanding job but he did not complain. Well appreciated. He won a RSVPI Gold Award 2013.

4) Liu Guang
He followed Chang Soo for more than 10 years doing meaningful work in the community. 
The last summit meeting in Beijing on Oct.28, 2013 was well organised by him and appreciated his financial contributions.
Being a lawyer and wearing several hats, he found time to be General Secretary of RSVPI China Center and let us use his office for free.
He won a RSVPI Gold Award 2013.

Personally, I felt very happy, proud and with a deep sense of fulfilment in my work and contributions supported by so many learned scholars and good friends for the last 8 years. With good health and circumstances permitting, I would continue to do my best to care, share and serve the needy community in the name of RSVPI.

Chairman, CEO, Chief Consultant
RSVPI China Center
China & Singapore
November, 2013


Chairman Chang has made a fine presentation. He and Liu Guang have made creative contributions to the development of RSVPI China which is appreciated by all our colleagues.

Beijing - Jiujiang Goat Project - May 17, 2014

Strong support from 53 members and friends traveled a distance in a bus and 5 private cars to reach the orphanage. The children were very excited with joy. The social media - 2 newspapers and TV gave wide coverage with good impact on the community. The objective was not commercial. It has unique higher values focusing on education, social aspect, character building and good citizenship. The children enjoyed the friendly fun and were happy. After some time, the feed-backs were positive and working well. 
From all angles, the Goat Joint-Project between RSVPI China Center (RCC) and Jiujiang Xunyang Volunteer Association (JJVA) was a grand success.


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