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RSVPI China Center sadly lost a very dedicated volunteer Professor Zeng Junwei, aged 86, who cared, shared and served the needy people in the community in China. Although we are a small NGO, still we believe we can make a difference.

Prof. Zeng was one of the pioneer graduates of Tsienghua University Law School and held very high office in CCPIT promoting commerce and industries and settlement of disputes. In between his career, he went on official assignments to many parts of the world including USA for understudy for some months on legal matters.  He is the author of a book with more than 600 pages. His community service included Vice General Secretary of China Xu Xia Ke Research Society -- a famous adventurer, scientist and scholar. Besides, he was our active Vice Chairman and International Council of Advisor of RSVPI China Center.

Once in 2011, Prof. Zeng of Beijing, Prof. Shi Zai of Hangzhou and Chang Soo of Singapore took a 12 hour night train journey to Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province to develop friendly relations with other volunteer body for joint projects. An agreement was signed after 4 days.
After 2.5 years, we did some meaningful work at an orphanage and an old folks home in Jiujiang. It made us very happy to find we could bring such a lot of joy, comfort and happiness to the lives of needy people. Prof. Zeng was equally happy to actively participate in Beijing – planning, coordinating and giving.

Prof. Jack Steele of RSVPI (HQ) of University of Maryland, Washington DC, USA commented that Prof. Zeng was a well-respected visionary who gave much time, care and help to the needy. He battled with much difficulty to serve -- a great inspiration to others.

In mid 2014, his leadership and contributions were greatly appreciated resulting with his winning a RSVPI GOLD AWARD 2014 --  a well deserved achievement gift before he left us.

On behalf of RSVPI members and myself, I would like to express our deepest sympathy to his family:

                                             Wife    -- Prof. Wu Junyan 
                                             Son    -- James Zeng
                                             Daughter    -- Zeng Hong
                                             2 Grandsons   -- Pursue higher education.     

Chang Soo, Chairman, CEO, Chief Consultant of RSVPI China Center was a professional associate of Prof. Zeng Junwei since 1982.

Chang said, “I lost not only my best old friend in China but also an able leader and a dedicated colleague in NGO volunteer work. Our RSVPI members want to wish the family well and good health.”

TEXT contributed by Chang Soo
December, 2014