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Expectations of RSVPI Members and Benefit 
RSVPI members volunteer to care and serve others in need without any expectations in return for money or in kind.
We willingly serve because we wish to do something meaningful and hoping to achieve our mission. It is also a gesture of contributing what little we can as a payback to society for the blessings we received during our lifetime.
It makes you feel good if you are involved in helping those in need. If our contributions have made things better and touch some people's hearts, that is our reward, our joy and positive motivation.
Active ageing can be meaningful and enjoyable with involvement in RSVPI-type of volunteer work.
But we are also realistic people. Not everyone will find this type of volunteer work attractive. It can mean lots of sacrifices, time, energy, disappointments, financial and emotional costs. As we gracefully aged, we need to take good care of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Keeping oneself fit is quite important.
Having good intention to serve is not good enough. It has to follow up with action plan. Do the things you feel comfortable with. Some works are simple while others may require a little more knowledge and skills. Your warm friendship can make people happy. In return, you may get a lot of surprises. Using the computer to contact people can be fun. Having a continuing learning program is helpful to better serve the needy in different environment. That is how we can get some benefit and enjoy our work with a sense of fulfillment.