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Background of RSVPI


RSVP International (RSVPI) was founded by Mr. Arthur Garson in 1984 in USA. The concept and practice were well received and grew quickly. Later, it came under the umbrella of the University of Maryland, Washington DC. The influence has spread now to six continents with more than 30 countries, including Singapore and China.


RSVPI is a non-government and a non-profit-making organization. It enjoys a special United Nations consultant status on volunteerism, especially for the elderly.


The World President of RSVPI is Prof. Dr. Laura Wilson who is also Chairing a Department in the University of Maryland, Washington DC with Prof. Jack Steele as Director of International Development. Both are UN Consultants on volunteerism for the elderly.


United Nations declared 2001 as the Year of the Volunteers celebrating and advocating volunteers around the world in alleviating social problems and enriching people’s lives for meaningful living and happiness.

In USA, the vision of the Year of the Volunteers is to recognize its shared tradition of volunteering to build stronger communities. As a result, there are more than 760 RSVP Centers throughout America supported by more than 450,000 volunteers who enjoy self-esteem, a sense of involvement and serving others in need.     
University of Maryland was established in 1856
and won a few prestigious Nobel Prize Awards.
RSVPI is now under the administration of University of Maryland in Washington DC, USA.
The University is also the World Secretariate of RSVPI.
RSVP International ( RSVPI ) is a non-government
and non-profit making organization.
It enjoys a special UN consultant status on volunteerism,
specially for the elderly.