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RSVPI (Retired Senior Volunteer Program International), originates from USA with UN consultative status, is a non-governmental and non-profit social organisation dedicated to the promotion worldwide of seniors 50+ years and those retired to be active, productive and do good in society. It is now spread to 30+ countries in 6 continents. RSVPI is under the administration of University of Maryland in Washington DC, USA.




1)     RSVPI is also a non-religious and non-political organisation. But it is happy to collaborate and work with government agency or private enterprise interested to promote and foster the objectives of RSVPI.

2)    RSVPI will not do harm or cause evil to others. 

3)    RSVPI does not provide money charity, operate welfare homes or run nursing centers.

4)    RSVPI does not exclude younger people from joining us to serve the community.




Benefits for Volunteers who are 50+ years and the Retired



1)      RSVPI recognises the productive potentials and positive contributions to society of those 50+ years and the retired.
         The enlightened see them not as a problem but as a valuable asset of a nation. It is now is a worldwide trend.


2)     RSVPI can be a channel for them to be volunteers to play a meaningful role for doing good in society. It makes them feel good and happy as they gracefully aged.


3)     Many people retired at 60 or earlier in China are well educated, experienced, healthy and some are willing to be volunteers but could not find channels to offer their service. 
        RSVPI is a good place for their consideration.


4)     RSVPI volunteers can bring cheers, comfort and happiness to the needy and the less fortunates. Those in need would feel good and comfortable. That could lead to better environment at home.


5)     With reduced pressure for living, the needy people's mental, social and physical health could improve and soon be better. It is a way to help others to help themselves.



Creating Opportunities To Care, Share and Serve




1)      RSVPI is now working with some social and educational groups to create suitable programs to better serve those in need.


2)      With good sustainable support, we can do more for the benefit of the needy group. Being realistic and practical, we do not have answers to many questions nor could we do many things. But we believe we can lead the way and guide the Seniors and those Elders to use their time productively and play a positive and useful role in society without any expectation.

         Helping others to help themselves is more meaningful and enjoyable in living.


3)     While awaiting for more stabilised conditions to prevail, we continue to strengthen our foundations in preparation for more challenging times ahead --- creating awareness, matters on collaboration and projects, training programs, sharing knowledge on best practices, problem-solving, aspects of good governance to gain public trust and confidence and need for transparency.


4)     Like many private volunteer organisations worldwide, RSVPI China Center is constantly looking for sponsors, charitable individuals or enterprises for sustainable support to fund programs for those in need without prejudice on age, sex, nationality or religion.



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Chairman & CEO

RSVPI China Center

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